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Soul Searching Sunday: Declutter Your Spirit

In honor of Soul Searching Sunday, let’s talk about decluttering your spirit/soul.

As we are taking the time to declutter our physical spaces from the physical things that we no longer need or want, let’s not forget to make sure that we are also decluttering our spiritually.

As this community is a mixture of different backgrounds, a spiritual declutter will mean something different to each one of us.

For me, I am talking about being mindful about who or what you allow into your home, your space and the type of soul ties that you allow to take place. I am a firm believer in that whatever you allow around you and in your home affects you. Yes, that includes the energy or vibes that you feel when people are around, the music that you listen to, the conversations you entertain, the T.V. You watch and yes the books you read/listen to.

If we are being completely honest and transparent, some of those intimate/sexual soul ties are still lingering in our spirits. You know the ones that you let go of but they are still there. You are trying to let them go but you just can’t…Even the ones that you are still with that connection is there. Chile, that spiritual connection on another level in itself is something that we can talk about for hours.

Whatever the case Sis, you deserve to declutter your spirit. Just like the physical things we have decided to depart with, there are things that affect our spirit that we can depart with too.

It won’t be easy initially but once you truly purge those things you will know that you made the right decision. So come on sis! You have been wanting to do it for a while. You needed a sign and support and here it is!

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