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A Getaway…

My view for the next few days!

Last fall a friend of mine sent me a link about a place to go for a mini getaway. We text each other a lot, so when I received the link, I looked at it, told her thank you, the place looked amazing, I would look into it and let her know what I thought. Time passed, one day and I was on social media browsing a travel group that I am in. This is something that I do periodically due to COVID-19 restrictions. I browse the page to live through others. I was presently surprised to see that someone had written their review about the same place my friend send me a link to. I immediately went back through our text messages and it was the same link. I was overjoyed…I decided it was time for me to take a trip. Of course with the COVID measures in place. As much as I love my family and our time together the last nine months, Neek needed some time to herself. So I booked the trip.

I know, you are probably thinking, where did she go? I booked a cabin through the Getaway House in a little town called Wimberley, TX. It is on the other side of Austin, TX. The booking feature was simple. From the time I booked, I received periodic countdown emails with information about my stay, what to bring with things, and places to explore. Each time I got an email, I got more excited about the trip. I forgot to mention booking this trip was also apart of a new year’s tradition I started last year. I book a staycation for myself to bring in the new year with some self-care and self-reflection beginning of the year. This year was different though, I would be celebrating my 40th birthday.

After waiting for 3 weeks, it was finally time to pack up my car and get on the road, and head to my mini-retreat. I let my husband know I was leaving, hopped in my car, and onto the interstate. On my way there I listened to music, thought about how I would spend the next 3 days and 2 nights, and also chatted with a friend until my cell phone service faded.

Finally, I arrived at my cabin. The weather was cold and rainy so I made sure to back my car into the designated parking space. You know just in case I had to make a quick getaway. Did I mention this little cabin was in the woods, it was pitch black outside and I did not have a strong cell phone signal? Once I was in the cabin, I was amazed to see that it looked just like the pictures on their social media account. I mean exactly like it and it was the perfect fit for me and what I had planned.

The digs were just as legit as the photos online…

After unpacking and putting away my grocery and wine, I took a shower, hopped in the bed to read the book I brought with me until I fell asleep. If your wondering, yes! I did let my family know that I made it there safely.

My first night there the sleep was amazing and to be honest every night’s sleep was amazing, for those that know me, I don’t get restful sleep. To wake refreshed was something new for me. My morning routines were the same, lay in bed until I was ready to get moving for the day then try to knock off the things on my list. Day one was successful, I was able to reflect, draft my thoughts for an upcoming podcast and then I took a nap, I woke up to read, fixed dinner, and then drove to the local store for water and a slice of birthday cake…yeah, random I know. I also took the time to download a few shows to watch on my iPad. Day two, was a little different. I had every intention of getting up to write for my blog, start on my next book, and just write about the emotions I felt on this journey of year 39 and the transition to year 40. Yall, after I showered and ate breakfast, I decided to day drink (wine) and ended up in bed all day!

I read my book, watched Hulu and Netflix. Did I mention it was still cold and rainy? My plans had plans and it was A-M-AZ-I-N-G!!! This was also the day I enjoyed that slice of birthday cake with a glass of sweet red wine. I didn’t even eat dinner that night (don’t judge me). The sky cleared and I was able to enjoy my last night sleeping under a beautiful view of the stars.

The last day of my trip ended a little differently. The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and decided to welcome the morning with a cup of delicious apple tea. During this time, I stopped to reflect on how amazing the past few days were. I know most people go to places like this to completely unplug from the world. No cell phone, no electronics, etc. However, I needed to be in a space by myself where I could think clearly and enjoy being in a new environment. I needed to be in a space where I could hear my thoughts. I needed to be in a space where I could write and record without interruption. I needed to be in a space where I could recenter and become one with myself again. After the events of 2020 and the beginning of this year, my time alone in a cabin in the woods was necessary. After a couple more hours of enjoying the sun and taking in the scenery, it was time for me to pack up SUV and get on the road. I sent a text to my spouse to let him know I was headed home. The drive back was just as serene as it was on the way there, the sun was beaming and I decided to open the sunroof to let the rays warm my skin. I turned up the music and sang the entire trip but somehow I ended up at the pancake haus at a table for one enjoying my book, brunch, and a mimosa.

If this how I am welcoming in year 40, I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store. Let the countdown begin…

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