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Declutter Challenge Day 2

Today’s let’s declutter our creative and official work spaces!

It is hard to be productive when you are surrounded by clutter.

Make sure your spaces are defined and include what you need to be successful in that space.

Your creative space should consist of items that help your creativity flow.

Your office space should consist of items that drive your productivity.

Recently, my creative space had two desks, one for official work and one for SheSpeakz creativity. I noticed that I was combining the two and it wasn’t really helping me in both areas. I decided to clean up my creative space now known as the “Greenhouse” and remove everything that I felt stunted my creativity. My other desk is now in the loft in front of a window with a gorgeous view of the fields and the interstate 🙂

Today, let’s get rid of the stack of books you haven’t read, clean off the exercise equipment that has become a closet and create the spaces that you need to get things done. Don’t go out and by things to get you organized, I am sure that you already have them you just need to get rid of some things to free up the organizers that you already have. 🙂, Yes sis, I am talking to me too.

You can do it! Let’s go! We have 3 days left!

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