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The story behind the name.

Have you ever wondered how I came up with the blog name you are following? Well, there are a few reasons why I came up with the name. When I created the platform, it was designed for women. A safe but public place where women could tell their story/stories. Here is where they can read about another woman’s story and know that she is not alone in this journey that we call life. Another reason I chose the name SheSpeakz is because of the power the word She has. When someone talks about a woman in a positive or negative light, what do they usually say? Most times, they start with She did this or she said that. My goal was to turn She into a positive reference. I mean, people are going to talk about you anyway; you might as well own it. The Speakz in SheSpeakz is there because there is so much power in speaking. When you speak, you can advocate for so many things and do it with power. When you speak on behalf of yourself or others, so many powerful things can happen. “Your voice is your superpower.” The power and strength of a woman and what she can achieve with the power of her voice are an unstoppable combination. Lastly, the She in SheSpeakz represents me. S.h.e. are the first three letters in my government name. I am She (every woman represented in the stories told), and she is me. I hope to give you some insight into how SheSpeakz came to be.

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