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A couple of years ago I was having a conversation with a coworker and we were discussing some of the things we have or haven’t done in life that we always wanted to do. During the discussion my coworker and I decided we would be intentional about making a bucket list and doing the things on the list intentionally unless there was something that stopped us that was beyond our control or timing. That year there were some things that I was able to do. To date there are a couple of things that have carried over from the previous year(s). As this is my year of Intention, Peace and Restoration, I have decided to explore the bucket list once again.

I am excited about it and can’t wait to make my list and see what I can do. Nope! I’m not setting any real deadlines, for me that takes the fun out of it. However, I will intentionally make moves so I can cross some things off my list and have fun while doing it.

What are some things that you have always wanted to do, learn, or try?

How can you intentionally make time to do them?

Your list can be maintained electronically or the old fashioned way (with a pen and a notebook or piece of paper). Do what works for you.

Call up your accountability partners, circle of trust members or a friend and share your list with them no matter how crazy it sounds! Who knows you may inspire them to do the same.

What good is working hard for the life you want if you can’t enjoy it?

Feel free to share below. I would love to hear about your bucket list!

Happy Friday! 💋

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