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Declutter Challenge Day 5

OMGoodness Sis! Can you believe it is the last day of our official declutter challenge?! I can’t either. Where did the time go? Lol. I feel like we were just beginning.

To be honest, I don’t even know what to suggest that we declutter today so I am going to suggest a few places or things. Remember we can declutter all year long if we need to, no matter how often or when, I can guarantee that it will bring peace and/or order to your life.

Here we go…

  1. Books- If you are anything like me, you have an amazing reading list of books that you think may be interesting or book recommendations from friends and IG or FB groups that you follow or belong to. Let’s face it, amazon doesn’t help either with a quick add to the shopping cart or a kindle download. If you are adventurous you will even go to the nearest book store to purchase what you are looking for. Well sis, it is either time to buckle down and start reading your proposed list of books from 2019 that will creep into 2020 🙂 or it is time to stop holding on to hope and donate the books to a local shelter or education program, gift the books to a bookworm in your tribe or sell them to a local used bookstore.

  2. Your handbag- It is time to clean out your handbag. I know when I am on the go, I have receipts, snacks, credit/debit cards, etc. just thrown in my bag. Take some time today to take out what you don’t need. You can also take this time to help change some of your habits to get your finances in order. Remove the debit or credit cards that you don’t want to be tempted to use. 🙂. You can also try the cash only/envelope method. That way you only spend money that you have or budgeted to spend.

  3. Shred those old bills and documents that you no longer need. Take the time to sort through those statements, notices and junk mail. Opt out of those credit card and insurance notices and sign up for e-statements. This will help eliminate the amount of paper that you receive. If you have too much to shred on your own, check to see if your city or county has a community shred day. If they do, mark it on your calendar and make the time to attend. Paper clutter will be one less thing you will have to worry about in the new year.

Happy Decluttering!

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