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Lacey Alexander

Lacey is growth-minded and believes in lifelong learning to continue to be her best to serve others. She believes people are creative, resourceful, and whole and simply need support and encouragement to align their passion and action to live in their purpose.

About Lacey Alexander

Lacey Alexander is the Founder and Owner of Creative Solutions A2Z, LLC. Her goal is simple:  make the world a better place by helping people be their best selves. Her company provides Executive Coaching for individuals and teams, Organizational Consulting, and Leadership Development training, with a focus on identifying opportunities for growth and goal achievement. 

She has over 20 years of experience in leadership, organizational management, and training and education. She has successfully led multi-national teams as large as 250 personnel with the belief of leading with a humanistic approach to knowing her people. Through valuing diversity and inclusion, she has leveraged her teams’ unique talents to accomplish the mission while supporting their growth and development. She is business savvy with experience in running a variety of operations, overseeing operations, budgets, marketing, and human resource tasks. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, with a minor in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Adult Education – Leadership and Workforce Development.

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