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You are worth the pause!

If you have been following me for a while, you are familiar with my encouragement when it comes to taking breaks or embracing a pause  when necessary. For those of you that aren’t familiar with my stance on taking breaks here it goes.

It is important to pause in every aspect of your life (personally and professionally).

Some of the breaks we take are planned. We know we are going on vacation or there is a time period will life will slow down and we can “breathe”. There are other times in life where we are forced to take a break. Those breaks can be emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. When they happen sometimes you don’t have control on when it happens. Either way breaks are needed. Breaks also look different for different people.

In some cases breaks can and should be taken without warning the masses. Why? Because it is easy to get sucked into putting your break off for a later time. Then guess what? You never take it.

Does this sound familiar to you? Were you able to pinpoint where you needed to take a break or pause?

If so, then this message is for you. It is okay to take a break. Let the world stop for you. It will pick back up when you return.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you prepare to take a break. As you answer these more may be revealed.

  1. What area of your life feels overwhelming and why?

  2. Are you saying yes to people, obligations and things more than you are saying no or not right now?

  3. Do you need to reset boundaries that you loosened up on? How can you reinforce them?

  4. What is the goal of this break?

  5. What will be the timeframe for your break?

Let’s normalize stepping away for a little while. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!

Everyone but you especially, will be okay! 🤗

Most importantly, you are worth it!

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I second this! Sometimes we are too close to a situation to really see what we need. Fight or hustle mode was never meant to be long term. But when we rest, we get a sense of clarity. Those answers that come in the midst of quiet and solitude are EVERYTHING!

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