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Walking Away=Peace

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Why do we stay in meaningless relationships?  Let me rephrase that, why do we stay in relationships that mean something to us but not to the other person?  Why do we stay in relationships with people who have harmed us or treated us badly? Why do we stay with people whose purpose for our journey together is long gone? Are we that desperate for companionship, friendships or relationships that we are willing to try and salvage the relationship even after the other person took out the scissors and severed it?

We have to stop doing this. We are spending valuable time on relationships that we could be using to work on ourselves. That time can also be used to nurture the positive relationships that we already have but are taking advantage of because well you know, those people will always be there.

I know what it feels like to be in a relationship that is no longer serving its purpose.  Meaning, neither one of us are growing from each other’s interaction and we don’t intentionally keep in touch with each other. For some of us these are things we can deal with and that is okay too. If you are okay with it don’t complain later on when you had the opportunity to change it. However, one thing that you should not have to deal with is when your peace of mind is being jeopardized.  Don’t allow people to drain you.  You DON’T owe them anything.  You can walk away without an explanation or if you need closure and value the individual then feel free to give them your reason for walking away and do just that. Walk away sis.  Do so knowing that your peace will be intact.  You deserve to live your best life sis and to live it in peace.

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