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Over the past few months, we can all say that life has been different that what we are used to. I know for me when this initially started, I had to ask myself what was I going to learn from this and how was I going to grow? Of course, I ran my self crazy trying to make sure that I was still functioning the way I was prior to the pandemic. Then I realized, I was burning myself out at both ends. The first three weeks were a mess. My go to outfit was sweatpants and some random t-shirt and a high bun. My mood changed ALOT and I felt like I was just surviving. Then on top of it all, my family and I were trying to figure out how to adjust to everyone being home at the same time while being in each other’s company 24/7. Sis…and to top it off, I am an extrovert in a house full of introverts and half an introvert. lol. Man! It was rough. Some days I would just go and is outside so I could feel like I was going somewhere. I am pretty sure it is safe to say I was also depressed. This went on for a while. To be honest, I am still depressed, but I am finding way to work through it. Even through the chaos, I have been able to find the beauty in and enjoy the little things.

Since we have been home due to COVID-19, I have been able to do things that I would have only hoped for because of my somewhat hectic life.

  1. I was able to spend more time with my children and truly enjoy watching them grow into their own personalities despite the current circumstances.

  2. We have been able to spend more time together under one roof. I consider this a blessing based on the time over the years we were not together under one roof. One year, we were in three different countries in three different time zones.

  3. There were less distractions. My spouse and I were able to learn more about each other and learned to communicate better. Something that sometimes gets lost when life keeps you busy.

  4. I accomplished some goals. There were some goals that I was able to accomplish while I had to sit still. Accomplishing these goals let me know what I was capable of doing what I put my mind to when I had time to focus.

  5. I met me. Again…When you are forced to be still, it is amazing the things you will learn about yourself all over again. It is also amazing the things you will learn about yourself that you didn’t know. Whatever the case it can be a beautiful adventure or a nightmare but in the end you walk away with a clear picture of who you are and in some cases who you want to be.

I have learned to enjoy the little moments in life. Why? Because sometimes it is the little things that keep us going. It”s the little things that help us overcome some of the biggest challenges in our lives.

If you have learned anything during this time, I hope it is that sometimes, slowing down is not a bad thing. Sometimes slowing down helps us heal, it helps us grow and in some cases it just helps.

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