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Take A Break Sis!

As a married career women and mom of two, married to a man who also has a full-time career, life can get pretty busy.  After what seems like the busiest job assignments that we have had during our combined careers, it was time to pack up our life after three years in Europe and head back to The United States of America.  Our next destination was the Lone Star state also known Texas.

After a crazy year of separation due to work in 2015 that rolled over into 2016, we decided that we needed a true family vacation.  This involved taking a few days of annual leave on the way to our next destination.  We traveled through a total of 15 states and finally ended up on the last leg of the family trip in central Florida to visit my parents.  The visit with them was very much needed.  There is nothing like home cooking and the enjoyable peace and quiet of living on a farm.

After a couple of days in the country Neal decided that we should have a parent getaway.  Of course, I agreed to this idea and my parents were excited about their time with the grand babies. After the plans were made and we made sure the kids were okay with the idea (and of course they were). We were off to Daytona Beach Florida for some fun in the Sun.

The ride to Daytona was nice and quiet, Neal and I talked when we wanted to, or we didn’t and that was the beauty of the mini road trip.  It was just me and him.  Time that was definitely needed after what felt like three years of no time to focus on just us.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were given a beautiful suite with a gorgeous view of the beach.  The next few days were awesome, we were beach bums, bed bums and ate some of the best seafood in the area. The reconnecting of us was appreciated and very much needed.  We laughed, talked and sometimes just being with each other not saying a word was louder than our conversations.  We truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Spending alone time with your spouse is VERY important.  With the numerous distractions that come with dual careers, personal/professional goals and children it is easy for your relationship to slip down the priority list.  Make the time to get away, regroup and refocus on you.  You will be glad that you did.

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