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Soul Searching Sunday: Time, We all get the same amount…

Have you ever watched people and how they choose to live their life and wonder how they have done so much in such a short amount of time? Or maybe you have thought to yourself man, I thought I would have been further along by this time. The funny thing is in both situations we all get the same 24 hours in a day. We just used it differently. Some days we controlled our time, some days God controlled our time and some days we let someone else control our time negatively or positively.

Today Sis sit back and reflect on how your time has been used. Reflect on how you are going to change how your time is invested when you have control over the situation.

Invest your time in the positive things and people in your life. Some relationships are worth the investment no matter how uncomfortable you may feel being vulnerable(emotionally, mentally and spiritually) Some relationships don’t deserve your time because they literally suck the life out of you. Some of your goals or how you are going about it are taking up your time because you have lost focus on your purpose and what your true calling is. Sit back sis and reevaluate how you are going to use your time. We all get 24 hours make sure you are getting the best out of them.

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