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Soul Searching Sunday: Love

You hear people use the world Love all the time. When people use it they are usually referring to a person or an activity.

Have you ever sat down and read the definition of love in the dictionary? There are a few ways that the word can be used. Sometimes the word can be over used.

Today I challenge you to research the word love and reflect on it to see if you are headed in the right direction or need to adjust your path and how you use the word. One thing is certain, you want to make sure you are using the word in the right way to eliminate any confusion with people and how you live your life.

Reflection: Am I using the word in the right way?

Do I really love this…? Am I being honest when I say I love…? Has my Love for…changed?

It is okay if love is now being replaced with like or your like is now love. Just make sure you know how to articulate the change. 💋

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