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Soul Searching Sunday: Choose Happiness

Think about a time when you were happy. No, I mean a time where you were truly the happiest in life. Was it that time when you took your first solo vacation? Maybe it was the birth of your children or maybe it was the time when you decided to remove the labels that everyone gave you and live your life the way that you wanted to. Whatever that moment was, can you remember recently when you felt just as happy about life? If you can continue to hold on to those moments. If we are not careful they can slip away from us. If you can’t, it is time for you to figure out how to get to happy. Why? We are not meant to live for the sake of paying bills, running errands, reading and responding to emails at all times of the day/night and just exist. We are supposed to experience happiness. If we weren’t why do we have that emotion? We don’t have a problem experiencing, fear, sadness, etc. So why should we hold back from experiencing true happiness? We shouldn’t! Today as you are doing a little soul-searching, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What truly makes me happy?

  2. Does my home environment promote happiness (decor, colors, positive affirmations, etc.)?

  3. Is my life balanced in regards to work and a life outside of work?

  4. The things that I talk about the most, do they bring happiness into my life?

  5. Are there people around me that contribute to my happiness?

  6. What can I get rid of that does not make me happy (clutter, clothes, unhealthy habits, etc)?

  7. What can I do more of within my control to make me happy (travel, have lunch with friends, find a hobby, learn a new skill, explore new things with family or friends)?

  8. Do I add positivity to other people’s lives?

  9. Do I give off positive vibes when others are around?

  10. Ask family and friends for feedback, they may or may not tell you what you want to hear but may help you find your way to happiness.

Remember Sis, you are AMAZING and doing AMAZING things. Happiness is the key to TRULY living.

Happy Reflecting!

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