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Soul Searching Sunday: Are You Walking In Your Purpose?

Yesterday I attended a celebratory luncheon for a historical organization and they were celebrating 80 years of their chapter’s history. As the guest speaker gave her speech there was a rhetorical question that she asked the audience at the end of her main points. The question was, Are you waking in your purpose? Every time she asked it, it made me think. Are we walking in our purpose or are we just taking a walk?

If you are able to answer the question with confidence and without hesitation, that is great. For those of us that may have a hard time answering, we may need to take a moment or two and reflect on our purpose.

Today’s Reflection: Why am I here?

What am I here to do?

Who am I here to help?

Where can I impact positive change?

What are the steps I need to take to walk in my purpose?

Remember Sis, we are all here for a reason. Once you define what that reason is you will enjoy your journey even more.

Happy Sunday!

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