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Self Care Saturday: Slow Down

Have you ever been so busy that you wear yourself out? You know every time you turn around you are doing something for someone or something needs to be done. Then before you know it, it is the weekend and then Boom! It’s Monday and a new week begins.

Well sis, if your life is a blur like this picture…it is time for you to slow down. As you know time waits for no one but you have to be able to take time for yourself and slow down.

Make sure you are exercising, eating healthy and sleeping/resting. We only get one body.

What are you doing to make sure that you are slowing down?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Learn to say no.

2. Set the do not disturb feature on your phone for a certain time each day to minimize phone calls and social media alerts.

3. Create a day where you do nothing but recuperate.

4. Plan a spa day.

5. Enjoy the moments in life where you don’t have to rush.

Remember Sis, the world will be fine without you for a little while.

Happy Saturday! 💋

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