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Self Care Saturday: Listen To…Your Body

As the weather changes and we start to enjoy warmer weather, more time with friends and life, we have to make sure that we are listening to our bodies. If you don’t your body will find a way to make you listen. Here are some tips to help you live your best life while taking care of your body.

1. Eat right. Longer days or hours exploring or spending them with friends can work up an appetite. Make sure you are eating healthy. Carry a few healthy snacks with you.

2. Drink Plenty of water. As you know drinking water has plenty of benefits. Keeping your body hydrated is one of them. With the temperatures rising hydrating is important.

3. Listen to your body. While you are out living it up, make sure you are in tune with your body. It will definitely tell you when it has had enough.

4. Sit down somewhere. Lol. You don’t have to be at every brunch? Every social event or outing. So many things are happening and you can burn yourself out quick. Choose a couple of events a week or month to attend. Believe me, you will be okay if you don’t attend every event on your calendar. Your body will thank you for it.

5. Pay attention to changes in your body. Those unusual or unexpected changes will let you know if something is going on. If necessary make an appointment medical professionally discuss your changes.

6. Rest. Your body needs to recharge. Make the time to rest. You can’t be everywhere all the time but if you are well rested you can be where you want to be most of the time.

Happy Saturday 💋

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