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Self Care Saturday: Create Your Own Labels

It is time to stop living living your life based on the labels that people (family, friends, etc.) have placed on you. Although, they might not mean any harm, their labels and perceptions of you can cause you to always try to live up to their expectations. This can create unnecessary stress, mental breakdowns and a feeling of failure. This can also cause you to lose yourself.

It is time to create your own labels and walk tall in who you are. It can be scary at first but when you start to walk in your truth, the load is lighter, your light shines brighter and your soul is free.

Those that love you will stay, the ones who don’t want to understand will walk away. Don’t worry, God restores.

Today Sis, start removing those labels that have been placed on you and create your own. You deserve to be unapologetically you!

She is in there, let’s go find her. 💋

Happy Saturday!

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