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Self Care Saturday: Believe In Yourself

A couple of weeks ago, I completed a half marathon. It was an amazing feeling. Yes even after running many of them since 2012. This run was meant a lot to me because when I originally signed up I was excited but as time got closer I wasn’t happy about it at all. Then the week of the race game and I debated on whether or not I would run it but then remember that I paid for the race and I didn’t want to lose my money by not showing up. I debated running all the way up until the night before then woke up the next morning with little motivation to do so. I got dressed grabbed my running gear and drove to the race site. Seeing the other runners, hearing the music playing and being surround by other crazy people like me, I started to believe that I could actually do this. Once the race begin I knew there was no turning back. I ran at my own pace and I even walked a couple of times and before you know it I was a mile away from the finish line. Done get me wrong there were times I wanted to quit and times that I questioned my self on why I didn’t train for this race but it was too late to dwell on those thoughts. I put all of that behind me and told myself I could finish and I did. Sometimes in life you have to believe in yourself and finish what you started even when you don’t think that you can.

Today’s Reflection: make a list of things that you don’t think you are prepared to finish and believe in yourself that you can. You won’t know unless you try. When you believe in yourself you will be amazed at what you can do!

Happy Saturday 💋

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