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Restoring Humanity

As today’s climate reaches a peak that most of us would not have imagined over the years, it is important to make sure that we are doing our part to embrace each other and put an intentional effort toward restoring faith in humanity. As all forms of media (social, news, talk radio, etc.) have taken control of the narrative, it is time that we turn the tables and create our own stories that show the face of humanity and how we support the civil/human rights agenda.

This is what many civil and human rights activists did before us which paved the way for many that are still doing it now. Yes, you and I fit into that category, you don’t have to be a headliner to contribute to the what I call a continuous movement. You can be great right where you are.

In MY opinion every step towards doing the right thing will change this society that we live in. I truly believe the majority of people want to do good, some just don’t know where or how to start. As a professional in the human relations field for over 18 years, here are some ways that you can help:

  1. Value the differences of others.  In a country like the United States that was built on the foundation of different cultures, people, languages, and historic events, you should value those differences.  Everyone has a history and a story to tell about their family’s journey to get here and make a better life for themselves.  (Note: Everyone’s journey did not start here by choice but the resiliency from that time to now is amazing in itself and that should be valued as well.)

  2. Respect the choices people make.  In order to grow as an individual, you have to learn to respect other people’s choices/lifestyles.  You may not like them but guess what? They may not like yours either and still choose to deal with you.  If it is something that you truly cannot deal with, agree to disagree and move on without malice.  Life will go on.

  3. Intent vs. Impact.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrases, “that was not my intention” or “I didn’t mean any harm by what I said or did.” These words are not a pass to say or do whatever you want to based on a person’s race, religion, color, sex, national origin, etc.  Think before you open your mouth. If you are not sure how it will be received by the person or people you are going to say it to ask someone that you trust to give you feedback.  Hopefully it is someone who doesn’t think like you who can steer you in the right direction.  Words can be extremely damaging and can sever relationships, friendships and working relationships/environments.

  4. Stop sharing and re-sharing on social media. Once a story breaks why do people feel the need to continuously share the story?  To share it one time to create awareness is explainable but to share it on all platforms when you see that it has over a certain amount of views is what I don’t understand.  Instead of sharing the footage of the person who is dividing us and giving the media outlet more clicks and likes…why aren’t we countering those stories with images of things that are going right or highlight the good in the people that were disrespected? We don’t want to give these people the attention they don’t deserve but we do by sharing the feeds/stories. Imagine if we changed the narrative of those stories.  It is possible.  Believe it or not, we have the power. I don’t know, I may be looking at it wrong.

  5. Give Back to Your Community.  There are so many ways that we can give back to our communities. Doing so, restores hope in doing good, it lets the less fortunate know that people do still care and want them to have the basic elements they are entitled to in the human rights charter and it is how we implement change.  Giving back plants seeds of hope, love and respect in the communities that we live in. You can volunteer by doing your own research and assisting on your own,  or you can give back through organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, local food banks, schools, meals on wheels programs, etc.  All it takes is your time and a heart that wants to do good. However you decide to give back make sure it is something you have a passion for and you heart is right.

  6. Use Your Platforms.  We all have our specific platforms that we can use to reach others with a call to action.  Let’s use them to make a different. We have technology at our fingertips that can start a movement at a moment’s notice.  Use it.

  7. Get Up and Get Moving. If you have been waiting for the “perfect time” to get involved or a sign to point you in the right direction, this is it! Let today be the start of something new for you.  It is never too late to get started.  

Starting today, how will you assist in restoring faith in humanity?

I would love to know…comment below or send me an email at, you can also tag me in your photos on IG @shespeakz55

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