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Let’s talk about Workplace Bullying.

Well Sis, I didn’t think that I would have to address this topic in 2018 but I have time today.  I want to address the topic of the office bully.  Why? Oh, because they are alive and well in today’s workplaces.  I have ran into a few of them over the past 18 years and I will tell you they may have a different approach but their motive is still the same.  To show the world their power that they think makes them “the person”.  Oh you know exactly who I am talking about. They come in all forms.  The woman that walks around towering over people and being a jerk because she is tall and/or loud.  The man who always has something to say but it is never uplifting, beneficial or positive.  Or it is the manager who likes to use their power over you to force you to agree to something that he or she knows you don’t agree but because you are quiet or non-confrontational they prey on you. Then you have the passive aggressive ones, you know the people who are always slick at the mouth or intentionally don’t do things to prove a point or to control the situation.

Isn’t it crazy that in this day and age we have to deal with these type of behaviors in the workplace when we have so many other things going on that can use our undivided attention? Yeah it is mess.  If you are like me, you don’t have time for the foolishness or

unprofessionalism.  I know personally I come to work to take care of people, do my job and make my money.  I have kids and a spouse with certain demands. Lol.  The funny thing is my encounter with bullies only happens once because I have to let them know during their first attempt that it is not going to work. No Sir or Ma’am, not today!

Work environments should be a place where you can come and focus on your job, your employees and in some cases have fun while doing it.  If you are in a situation where someone is keeping you from doing that then it is time to change the environment.  Stop bullies and bullying dead in their tracks.  How is how:

1. Know your organization’s policy on bullying in the workplace.  Every organization has one.  If you are not familiar with your organization’s policy, contact your human resources office to a get assistance on how to locate it.

2. Set the tone for your work center.  Create an inclusive environment where people feel welcomed. Also create an environment where people know that bullying is not tolerated no matter what day of the week it is or who is or is not around.

3. Be an Enforcer.  Have you ever had a boss, leader or manager who expected you to follow the rules but the rules did not apply to them.  Don’t be that person.  If you are holding your employees to a standard you should abide by the same standard.

4. Report It.  If the bullying gets too out of hand, report it to the next level of leadership.  Remember, everyone has a boss. If the person is not willing to handle it keep climbing the ladder until someone listens to you and addresses the situation.

5. Check’ Em.  Communication is a HUGE factor in all of this.  Approach the bully and let them know how you feel about it.  Doing so makes them aware of your view when it comes to their behavior.  Should you have to escalate the situation it will not be a surprise when they are approached or disciplined for their behavior.  If you are not comfortable with approaching them, talk to someone who can advocate on your behalf.

Look Sis, YOU ARE AMAZING, you don’t have to put up with being bullied at work.  You really don’t.  You have every right to walk the halls with your head held high and enjoy being at work.  Sis, if you are the bully know that you are worth more than that.  Deal with your issues and respect other people who just want to live their best life at work. Take a step today to stop bullying in the workplace. Speak up for yourself or speak up for someone whose voice isn’t being heard.  We are Queens who speak life and empower others to reach their destiny.

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