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Hello July!

Sis, can you believe it is July 2019? If you created a list of things you wanted to do this year, know there is still time to get them done.

1. Be Intentional about your goals and how you plan to accomplish them. Doing so may mean soliciting help from others. If that’s the case then pick up the phone, send that email or book that appointment.

2. Don’t get caught up that 31 Dec 19 may be here before you know it. Make sure what you are doing is what you are called to do. When accomplishing what you want there should be some sort of excitement and nervousness but also a sense of peace. Include those self care and self love methods you have been using all year.

3. There is still time to restore relationships and hope if that is what you truly want to do. The world can use a little more love, faith and humanity. Do your part and be the light that someone else needs to see.

Stay motivated. Speak Life. Enjoy the Journey.

SheSpeakz 💋

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