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Father’s Day…

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Today is the day that we celebrate fathers. I remember the excitement of picking out a card and a gift for my dad every year. Unfortunately, in 2009, my dad passed way from prostate cancer. To this day, I want to pick up the phone and call him, then I remember he is not here. When I pass the Father’s Day cards in the store, the memories of picking out a card for him come back. For me the pain didn’t go away, but it did get easier for me to embrace the day.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Father’s Day if your father is no longer here.

  1. Take a trip down memory lane. Take some time to reflect on the good times that you had with your father when he was here.

  2. Celebrate Him. This can be done by taking a walk or participating in a run in his honor, sharing stories about him, pictures of him, and telling your children how he was a key part of your family’s heritage.

  3. Say Thank You. Take time out to thank the men in your life that have filled in the gap as a father, friend, mentor, etc. They may never take his place, but it is an honor to have someone there to call on when you need advice or someone to talk to.

  4. Remember it is okay to feel the way that you do. For a long time I was upset because I felt my father was taken away from us too soon. However, as time went on and I celebrated him for who he was, it got a little easier. There are still days that I want to pick up the phone to call him. There are still days that I get sad that he is not here to see his grandchildren or my accomplishments, but I know that he is looking down from heaven with a BIG smile on his face. Knowing that keeps me going.

I wish you Love. Peace. Light.

Take Care!

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