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Check on Them…

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Hey Sis, are you wondering why you haven’t heard from a certain friend, acquaintance or family member in a while?  Are you wondering why they haven’t called to check on you to see how you are doing?  If so, pick up the phone and call them to find out why.  It may not be anything personal. They may be fighting battles that you have no idea they are fighting.  Some of our friends don’t like this time of year because it puts them in an emotional head space they don’t care for.  Some of our friends are carrying burdens that we don’t know about, some of our friends are physically sick and don’t want to burden us because they are viewed as the “strong friend” and some of our friends are suffering from guilt due to life choices.  Some of our friends are a caregiver for someone who has anxiety, PTSD, Cancer, etc.  Don’t assume someone doesn’t have time for you.  They may be so wrapped up in life that they need someone to check on them. We are all dealing with something so we have to make sure we are checking up on each other.

Pick up the phone sis.  Check on your introverted, strong, emotional, withdrawn or free-spirited friend.  She may need you more than you think.

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