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“Blessed & Highly Favored”

Have you ever ran into someone and said Hello and asked them how they were doing and their reply was, “I’m Blessed” or “I’m Blessed and Highly Favored”? Then they go on about their business, never really explaining what they meant by those statements. Now if you are like me and grew up in a strict Christian household or even a Christian household, then you may have an idea of what that means. For those that did not, you may have figured it out based on what the context of the conversation. For those of you that may not know, I am going to define it. Blessed according to is defined as consecrated, sacred, holy, sanctified. Favored is defined as regarded or treated with preference or partiality. When you hear someone say they are blessed or highly favored, they are referring to how they feel from a religious standpoint. Now if you are familiar with the words and their meanings you may reply back in a similar way and carry on about your way but what if the person, we are saying this to is not familiar with the words or the terms. Do we just leave them hanging and confused? Um no! To be honest, I feel if we are going to reply in such a manner, we should be ready to explain why we are “blessed” and “highly favored”. Why? Because in this current time, your story is what may help turn someone’s life around or help them during a bad time in their life. Now before you start to unfollow me or leave a comment, hear me out…There are so many people that are lost and hurting that we need to be upfront and honest and as a girlfriend of mine would say, “walk in your truth”. Too many times we want to gloat about our current circumstance, but we never share with other people that we weren’t always in this good space. On social media, we are quick to show the good things that are happening to us, but we don’t let people know about the bad, uncomfortable or unexplainable situations that helped us get to the point where we can honestly say despite what I have been through, I am “blessed and or highly favored. ” I have had people ask me about different things in my life and how I am able to “do it all”. Some people have even gone as far as to ask, ” How did you become so confident?” When I am asked those questions, I ask them if they have the time to listen. It is only fair because I want to make sure they get the full story. Depending on how rough the patch was in my life it may take a little while. Now there are sometimes when I can sum it up in a few words and when I do I let them know the following: I didn’t get here by myself. God has always been there every step of the way. I just had to trust Him. I am a work in progress. I am by no means perfect and there are still some things that I need to work on or some broken pieces of me that need to be fixed but I am not who I used to be. I have a village. I have friends who have been there every step of the way or during certain times of my life and I call on them when I need them. They can always call on and rely on me when needed. I share my story. I share my stories of victories, defeat, self-doubt, etc. when it is needed. I share during the struggle and/or when the struggle is over. We can’t always wait until the good happens. Sometimes we have to share while we are going through. Why? Because that is when some people need to know they are not alone. God is always on time. There are times when I don’t understand what is going on. Why it is going on or what I am supposed to learn from these moments but God has always provided when I needed him or when my family or friends needed him. I know Sis. You may be thinking…that is a lot for your current circumstance, but I can assure you that it works for me. I have no doubt that it can and will work for you. That is how I got here. That is how the SheSpeakz platform was created. I felt the need to share my and other women’s stories because we need to know that we are not taking this journey alone and there will be times in your life where you don’t feel “blessed” or “highly favored” BUT at the end of all of your struggles God will make sure that you are on top. You have to believe in and trust Him. Today Sis, ask yourself, instead of using the catchphrases ‘I’m Blessed” or “I’m highly favored” and not elaborating, how can I share my story of triumph or progress to help someone else? There is a light in all of us. You never know, even when your light is what you consider dim, it may be lighting the way for someone else.

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