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Ahhhh November! I've been waiting for you.

This is usually the time of year when everyone starts to ramp up on finishing the goals they set for 2023. You will also see the pattern or trend of finish strong! These are great and motivating words to live by. These are words I used to live by a few years ago. Then life showed up, and there were some years when I was just thankful that I finished. Sometimes, it wasn't strong. I just finished. Maybe your strongest was at the beginning of the year. Maybe it was in the middle of the year. Maybe you are at your strongest now! Whatever it looks like for you, own it! Embrace it and be proud of yourself. You can finish, and that is what matters!

As the year winds down, do yourself a favor and list everything you have accomplished this year to date. I am sure you will surprise yourself!

What is your proudest moment?

Remember to put you on your priority list.

Be Love. Be Light. Just Be.


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