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A Reminder: A Reason, A Season & A Lifetime

Go with the flow…

As we arrive in month seven of another unpredictable yet manageable year, I have had to remind myself that change is still the only constant thing in my life besides my little immediate family. We are still in a pandemic and some of us, are still trying to navigate what we experienced or were dealt up until now. Some days are easy and some days take a little more work. Some days we know who we can call and some days we don’t feel like we can reach out to anyone. To be honest that is okay. Those feelings are a part of being human.

In these moments remember situations happen for a reason, a season and in some cases they can affect your lifetime but we are strong enough to handle whatever comes our way. We also have to remember that people come into our lives for a reason, a particular season and they may not be there for our entire lifetime. We have to remember this and move accordingly.

It may be time to let go of the job you have been showing up for that has stopped showing up for you. It may be time to walk away from those who fail to see the value in you or your relationship or it may be time for you to step your game up in certain areas of your life and show up consistently for those who show up for you in their actions and words.

Whatever the case may be, remember, everything in life that happens is for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The best way to help you go or grow with the flow is to know the difference of each encounter and roll with it.

May you enjoy the journey one day at a time.

Let’s Go!

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