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A Dope Soul: Keana Hughes


Keana is one of my longtime friends and a fellow blogger who created the blog titled, “Aspire to Inspire”  (Check her out).  She created the blog because of her love for God. She uses her gift of being a natural encourager to make a difference in the world by inspiring women to reach their full potential. With that being said, she came up with the idea to help people build their vision in the physical form by incorporating vision board workshops in the workplace. Keana works full time with the Department of Defense and has a few paid side hustles which include doing makeup, interior design, wardrobe organization and a few writing opportunities.

Below is my interview with her that we did last year as I was focusing on improving my writing skills.  Who knew this interview was going to be featured on my blog as the first guest spotlight?! Look at God!


Sheneke:  You created a vision board class and implemented it into your day to day job.  Why did you see a need for it?

Keana: At the time I was deployed and met a lot of individuals that wanted to get things accomplished even though they were away from home and their loved ones they still wanted to work towards achieving.  For many they didn’t know where to start or what goals were important to them.  For me I know it required more than just writing things on a piece of paper and planning on referring back to it, someday.  I actually needed to go through the process of seeing it, organizing my thoughts through pictures.  This allowed me to truly feel that I could accomplish what was in front of me.  So, I asked the question of who would be interested in this particular class, give it a try needless to say each class was completely full and I started receiving requests for their work centers and small groups.

Sheneke: How many workshops have you conducted and what type of feedback have you received?

Keana: I’ve conducted over ten workshops and the feedback has been phenomenal! I’ve facilitated vision board workshop for women, men as well as coed.  I was recently asked to do a one on one vision board opportunity which I have accepted, more to come.  A lot of positive feedback came from the men.  They were a bit skeptical of not knowing what to expect but I think the process surprised them.  They walked out feeling accomplished on a better track of setting shirt term goals would intimately lead to accomplishing long term goals and they even wanted to get their entire family involved.  What better way to ensure success then to have your family as your accountability partners.

Sheneke:  For someone who may be thinking about incorporating vision board workshops into their career or social settings, what advice do you have for them?

Keana: Know your audience the easiest way of doing this is asking them what do they plan on walking away with from this workshop.  There isn’t a right or wrong way to approach their vision it’s theirs and they should be able to own it.  Most important have FUN!  Encourage individuals to share, explain their boards.  You will truly get a better understanding and appreciation for every person!  Start small group size is important.  I usually like to have a minimum of 4 to 5 individuals.  Larger groups 10 to 12 anything over 15 I would co facilitate with someone.

Sheneke: Are there any startup cost for vision board workshops?

Keana: The cost can be minimum.  For example, location can be anywhere (good amount of space where people can spread out, cut pictures, organize etc.) indoors, outdoors.  Magazines encourage the participants to bring some of their own, ensure you have enough diverse magazines available (libraries usually discard old magazines, so you can get those for free) poster board is inexpensive, scissors, glue, glue sticks, letters, I would say get acquainted with the Dollar Tree!!!  Have them go online to get pictures or a favorite saying or poem.  They can even type word out and print ahead of time.

Sheneke: What advice do you give those who attend your vision board workshops?

Keana: Have fun, be creative and allow yourself to open up and share.

Sheneke: Would you like to leave any parting words or advice for vision board workshop facilitators, attendees or anyone who may be reading this?

Keana: You will never just do “a” vision board.  As long as you are setting new goals for yourself each year should build upon the next.  As facilitators take part in the class do a board as well, go around as questions those WHY questions and what does a certain picture represent for that person.  Take a group picture of each class.  Ask what they enjoyed the most about the class.

Sheneke: Thank you Keana for taking the time out of your schedule to participate in this interview.

Sis, if you are interested in hosting a vision board event, Keana has provided a template to get you started:

Did you do a vision board this year?  Did you attend a vision board party or workshop?  If so, let’s see what your vision is for the year. Upload your photos on IG and tag me using @shespeakz55.

If you have questions or comments, comment below or send an email to

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